A Real Person To Talk To!

When I first started out on the road, I would’ve loved someone with no judgement to talk to about my options, and to tell me the top things I needed to do to move forward.

So that’s what I want to do for you!

Answers for your most urgent questions including:

  • Where will I sleep?
  • What if it’s winter?
  • What about my kids, is it legal?
  • What do I bring?
  • Where would I shower and sleep?
  • What if I have a job?
  • What am I going to tell my friends/relatives?
  • Do I need an expensive renovation to live in my car?
  • And any other questions you can think of……

Packages include:

20 Minute Call to Give you 3 steps to moving forward – $20

Entire Month Of Text Support – $35

Or, One Call Per Week for One Month (giving you actionable answers to your questions) and Unlimited Text Support – $90


Want more information, or have questions about a package?  Email me!