Supplies Needed


Air Mattress: While an air mattress isn’t strictly necessary, you are going to want to make your car as absolutely comfortable as possible, and this goes a long way.  It makes your bed about two feet wider, much warmer, and softer.

Sleeping Bag: This is for cold weather sleeping. You can stay in your car warm and snug, and watch the snow drift softly to the ground.

Blankets: These are for the hot days, the days when that sun just won’t stop (not that we’d complain about that!)  If you don’t use them to cover your body, you can use them to create shade.

Pillow: Whether you choose a neck pillow or an ergonomic pillow, be sure you’re not going to be sore every morning when you wake.  Many of the pillows at the link deflate, making them easy to store.

PJ’s: Something comfy to sleep in that you can also walk around in, for things life bathroom runs, and security checks. Here are great options for men, and great options for women.  If living with children as well, here are some options that will keep them cute, cute, cute.



Propane Stove:

Minimal Dishes:

Wipes for Cleaning:

All in One Kitchen Tool:

Pan Set:



Power Options



Basic Tools