Best Apps for Car Dwellers – #vanlife Live In Your Car

Living in your car gives you plenty of time to think.

Sometimes I think about what I wish I had remembered to download when I had WiFi…

So here are my top recommendations for apps you may not have thought about.

I also very much enjoy Instagram, Pinterest, and silly games!

Google Docs

Google Docs is a lovely app that allows you to keep notes, journals, advertising, literally anything you could make with Word or Acrobat Reader.

Then you can access those docs offline, online with other devices, and send them with a click or two in any format!

So from grocery list to dream journal, flyer to business plan, it’s got you covered – without internet! (You need internet to send, just not to work.)

Gas Buddy

Out here on the road, fuel is our biggest expense.

Gas Buddy helps you keep those expenses down by showing you the process of gas at all the stations nearest you!

Sky View

This is the coolest app, definitely more entertainment than useful.

It will show you the passion of any constellation at any given moment.

So, out at a national park and looking at the stars? Just turn it in and it’ll outline those Stars as the constellations.

But… You could do the same thing standing in Walmart! It’ll show you where the constellations are, outside that building and in full daylight!


I always have my phone. Not so much my flashlight.

That’s why I love this app. It just works with the flash on your camera, and is bright like an expensive led flashlight.

Some of the apps will even work with the screen of your phone to make crazy colors or strobe.

Overnight Parking App

Want to swing into a parking lot for an evening? Sleep at the ever growing, famous Hotel Walmart?

This app will tell you if it’s allowed in that location, or where the nearest location to you is!

It’s not 100% accurate, so just double check with security when you get there.

If the answer is no, they almost always have a second alternative for you. They are used to being asked the same question!

Burger King

This app provides the most affordable fast food with it’s coupons.

I have gotten two entire meals for $5, chicken and beef with unlimited vegetables and sauces.

Then, I have screenshot the offer and they use it again and again, all over.

Amazing money saver when you’re traveling with kids too, because many Burger Kings have play areas.


This app is probably pretty obvious, but I love it.

I’m a reader of all genres, and loving in my car there are few places to store books.

But, I store over 250 books on my Kindle.

I have changed phones probably 10 times in the 15 years since I have had my Amazon account.

And it has never once lost an ebook. Every device has signed in perfectly, at times many at once.


I have found YouTube to be useful for everything, from entertainment (Kitty videos or Brady Bunch episodes???) to business education, from storing personal videos to monetizing my affiliate videos.

But, when they introduced YouTube red, I jumped on it. Just $9.99 month to watch unlimited videos… without internet connection!!!!

And without ads by the way. Plus that option comes with Google Play, so I got unlimited music thrown in free.

Such a great value! 

Marco Polo

Last but not least is Marco Polo. This allows you to video chat friends and family so it seems you are there.

But, it’s more like video messaging. You can send and receive the messages whenever you are within WiFi range, but can record them to be sent anytime!

I used Facebook messenger for this feature often, but it was full of bugs.

With Marco Polo you can also chat in real time, watching the videos as they record them, and they can see you the same.

I have used this to chat with family, clients (because Facebook always failed me here!), and to send friends fun little videos of where I am or when I’m doing something cool.

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With the apps mentioned above you should be set for work, play, and to stay fully connected with family and friends.

What apps would you recommend for people who do not have constant access to WiFi?

Comment below!

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