“Hobo Ahle” Tells You About Showering Must Haves – Everything But The Water

Hobo Ahle, as she calls herself, is the cutest YouTube phenomenon.  She is real, honest, fun, and experienced in car dwelling!!!!

In this video she explains the things that you only learn from experience!  Public showers are a thing to navigate…what seems obvious is often forgotten.

Check out the video here:


And here are my top picks for Showering Supplies!! Plus, I add my personal experience to this article as well!

p1Inexpensive Unisex Shower Shoes!

p2p3Towel Wrap!

p4 Hanging Travel Bag That Holds Full Size Bottles!

p5p6 Laundry Bags!

p7Super Fast Drying Ionic Hair Dryer For Under $20!

p8p9Stealth Shower Bag – Foldable!


My Two Cents:

  • Why is everything black? Because black is the least likely to look stained and old as it travels around the world!
  • The shower caddy holds full size bottles, so you don’t have to buy expensive travel sizes.
  • The backpacks fold up, and are easy to push out of the way when not in use, but nice enough that you don’t feel like a bum walking to your shower!
  • The light blue set of laundry bags is waterproof, keeping your blankets and everything else in your car dry until you do laundry!
  • The wraps are nice for dressing in public locker rooms, as my favorite place to shower is at public pools after we enjoy some exercise.

Do you have any tips or supplies to add?  Comment below!

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