5 Huge Things To Save Money On – Car Dweller

To live a mobile lifestyle, what you don’t spend is equally as important as what you do spend.

You need to both save and make money.

This will leave you debt free, and living within your means without stress. You will beat the American odds!

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As I travel I’ve found these areas save me the most:


No need to carry a full coverage insurance plan, you’ll rarely need it! We have the luxury of traveling when the roads are safest, and never being such in a commute. Even those car dwellers that stay in one place can choose to avoid the worst traffic times.


National Park memberships, campgrounds, and museums with reciprocity are going to save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Cell Phone

Getting the basic, basic, basic plan on your phone can save hundreds of dollars. While you are out in your car, most public places have free WiFi, so no need to carry a huge data plan.


Live rent free, no keeping a house or apartment to fall back on. Living rent free should also include storage. Give it up, move on. Everything you get rid of will relieve stress. Tiny Living rocks!


Purchasing foods daily from a grocery store will not only keep you healthy, it’ll minimize your budget. Eating out eats your funds.

Those are there top areas to save money as a car dweller, full time traveler, and minimalist extraordinaire.

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What tips do you have to save money on the road?

Comment below!

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