The Gross… I Mean Glorious Pee Bucket – Where to Pee As A Girl Who Lives in Her Car

Guys have it easy! 

Peeing in a bottle or cup is no big deal.

But for girls… Things can get more complicated!

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I had to come up with something other than nature, which is the answer I heard from everyone when along for advice.

There’s not much nature in the middle of a Walmart parking lot. And security frowns on public nudity.

So why not just go inside? Some Walmarts/stores are not open all night.

Enter the idea for the DIY pee bucket!


  • Empty your water jug
  • Cut a diagonal hole about 4 inches long
  • Leave the handle fully functional
  • Slide a roll of toilet paper inside, and you’re ready to go

How to use:

  • This design allows you to be on your knees, no need to squat or stand
  • Remove roll of toilet paper
  • Press tightly to your skin and fill
  • Empty immediately, or place where it won’t spill
  • Wipe clean, replacing when necessary

#problemsolved #yourewelcome #girlproblems #freethepee

Special Notes:

You can fill with wadded up newspaper if necessary, to avoid spilling until you can dump.

Do you use another method? Comment below!

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