Where to sleep in Las Vegas – Van Life, Living in Your Car

Las Vegas is the number one vacation spot in the world (statistical fact!)

So I was nervous, especially after the difficulties in LA, hoping there would be a couple places to stay.

This city surprised me. Car camping is very simple, and enjoyable! There are even places big RV’s can stay for free.

Here are the top places I’ve found to sleep:

  • Bass Pro Shop/Cracker Barrel
  • South Point Casino
  • New Orleans Casino
  • Stratosphere Parking Lot (even RV’s can fit here!)
  • McDonald’s with 24 hour drive thrus
  • 24 hour fitness
  • Sam’s club
  • Walmart, except the one on Rainbow
  • Lowe’s, away from the front door

Plus, there is free daytime parking at the Tropicana, the Palazzo, and the Stratosphere. That enables you to get thru the whole strip without public transportation or abandoning your car somewhere!

The Tropicana is at one end, the Stratosphere all the way at the other end, and the Palazzo in the middle.

When visiting the Fremont Experience, parking is free on the weekends!

All in all, Las Vegas is a very easy and exciting city to live in your car.

There are plenty of traditional jobs, and opportunities for creatives to make money. 

Food is plentiful, and the culture incredible (if you look away from the shiny lights!)

Showers are easy to find at the three indoor pools/community centers, and entrance is at most $3.

The library system and public transportation system is amazing as well.

If you are a non traveling car dweller, this town would be great for perma stays.

What tips do you have for others visiting Las Vegas and living in the car? Comment below!

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