Top Tips For Selling In Person While Living Out Of Your Car – Make Money From Home

Selling in person can be relaxed, fun, and incredibly fulfilling.

I have made some great friends along the way, and am always blown away by the level of kindness that still exists among strangers.

So, while I will say that there are few rules you need to stick to, there are a few tips that will help raise your sales.

Top Tips:

  • Dress to for your theme. Mine is rocks and crystals harvested naturally, and I wear boho clothing. If you want to sell aprons, don’t wear heavy metal clothes, and vice versa. It’ll confuse your buyer. And buying is all about the experience, not the product!
  • Smile and engage. Talk to people before they are browsing your items, it’ll draw them in.
  • Only sell while it’s fun, stopping when you are bored or cranky.
  • Never seem desperate. If someone doesn’t buy something, the next person could. About 2% of people that browse will purchase… But you never know who it’ll be!
  • If you don’t feel comfortable pricing your items, put out a sign that says traveler and give your items away by donation.
  • Only sell one product at a time, not overwhelming buyers. So, if you make pens, sell pens. If you make jewelry sell that. But both, without a theme diminishes the experience, and therefore sales.
  • Keep your display quick and easy to set up, at least on location. You should be able to set up or take down and move in 5 minutes or less.
  • Set up where a lot of people will be, such as the boardwalk in a tourist town, or a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday.
  • Go where your shoppers are. If you are selling tattoos and hair beads, a senior center wouldn’t be your best option. A mall parking lot on a weekend would be way more your style, therefore upping your sales!

Do you have any more tips for salespeople? Comment them below.

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