Where To Sell Your Crafts and Services While Traveling Full Time

Where to sell crafts/services is the big question.

The answer literally is almost anywhere!

Only places I’ve found you cannot sell:

  • Rest areas
  • Outlet and regular malls
  • Campgrounds


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Here’s the top 7 places I’ve had success:

  1. Tourist towns – this is the best of the best. People are there to buy, and there’s always a bench to use!
  2. Walmart or grocery store parking lots – corner of the parking lot, on the sidewalk.
  3. Fast Food joints – in the parking lot, near your car.
  4. Red Robin – it’s date heaven, who wouldn’t want to score some brownie points by buying them something?
  5. Side of the road – anywhere, literally.
  6. Public City Park – these are great on busy days, weekends mostly.
  7. Libraries – most of the time this is fine, but just be sure you’re there during busy hours, story time is a good one!

To be very clear, I never have a permit, never stay more than a couple of hours, and I’ve never been asked to stop selling.

However, if I was asked to move I have made sure my display is quick to take down!

This is how I make the most money, not paying overhead fees for craft shows. 

However, if you don’t like the fact that you could be asked to close up shop, craft shows would be great for you!

For tax purposes, keep track of what you make in profit and what you spend on materials (with receipts) and turn it into a tax professional at the end of the year.

For those who sell services, you can employ these methods, or you can use Eventbrite, a fabulous service that sells tickets to events for you!

Is there somewhere else you can think of to sell your crafts or services?

Please put it in the comments below!

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