Crafts and Services To Sell On The Road #vanlife

Make money while traveling, offline! 

That means in person, cash today, 100% profit (minus materials), moola in your pocket!

It’s simple, but it takes bravery the first couple times.

*Click Here to see the steps you take to start*

*Places to sell click here*

Here is a list of crafts and services you can sell, tailored to the space and limitations of car living!

  • Jewelry
  • Photos
  • Paintings
  • Crochet items
  • Wood burned kitchen utensils
  • Aprons
  • Dream catchers
  • Baby clothes/accessories
  • Specialty socks or gloves
  • Hairbands and accessories
  • Decorated pens
  • Keychains and luggage tags
  • Canvas quotes
  • Decorated tealights
  • Clipboards and notebooks
  • Body piercing (license required)
  • Massage (license required)
  • Press on nails and temporary tattoos stand
  • Henna
  • Photography
  • Personal training/fitness classes (certification required)
  • Yoga class (certification required)

*For my top tips on selling in person while living out of your car, click here!*

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What craft or service did you choose? Comment below to tell us about it!

Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping.

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