Make Money Quickly – Live in Your Car Van Life

Street vendors are not new. And making money on the road doesn’t have to be online.

Building an online business can take time and patience (6-12 months on average.)

There are things you can do today to make money as early as this evening or tomorrow.

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Following the method laid out below I have made up to $75 in one day, pure profit – average time spent 2-3 hours.

The basic idea – Choose a craft or service that is marketable to a large audience (ideas here,) that costs very little on your end for supplies.

Steps to make money today:

  • Choose 5 crafts or services you are good at (get ideas here)
  • Evaluate the cost of supplies, and how specific your audience is
  • Narrow it down to one craft or service (I know it seems like multiple things would sell better…but it clutters displays, crowds your car, and looks more like a garage sale than art/value.)
  • Purchase/gather the supplies you need
  • Create the items
  • Create the display (using a plain blanket or sheet and some simple signs is all it requires)
  • Be sure display/crafts are quick and easy to set up and take down, 5 minutes at the most
  • Set up on a park bench, in the center of a tourist town, on the beach/board walk (more ideas and discussion on this here)
  • The place you choose must have steady traffic to make the most money
  • Don’t overprice items, as you have little to no overhead. Feel free to charge the items worth
  • Sell with a confident smile, and never pressure people
  • Enjoy your time and pack up when you’re tired or done

You now have money for the basics! Food, fuel, and fun!

Quick and easy DIY stand that collapses! Article here. You could hang anything from this stand, and it folds up smaller than a suitcase.

Here’s a great article on how to price your items.

What started me down this line was a couple of videos telling me how a guy made $4000 a month selling stuffed animals on the road side. They are somewhere in this guy’s videos. Guess who hit garage sales and filled her trunk with stuffies (sigh, blonde moment.)

Since then I’ve found my own voice (natural rocks and crystals) and you’ll find yours!

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What craft or service did you decide to sell? Tell us in the comments below!

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