Where To Sleep in Your Car in San Bernardino

Sleeping in your car in San Bernardino is much easier than sleeping in your car in LA.

You are about an hour to three hours outside the city, depending on traffic.

San Bernardino has a small town feeling, and is connected closely to Highlands, and Redlands (the much nicer side of town!)

The cities are barely distinguishable, so I included places to sleep in all three.

McDonald’s – there is a McDonald’s with a 24 hour drive thru. Just pull over to the side of the parking lot and live it up! There is a Mexican restaurant next door that provides your entertainment for the evening.

YMCA – the parking lot of the YMCA is way to sleep in, and is connected to a city park that is frequented by the large homeless population that exists in San Bernardino.

Highlands Denny’s – Denny’s is a 24 hour restaurant and is right next to a hotel. Easy to blend.

Redlands Truck Stop – there is a large empty lot that the trucks have trouble getting into, so it’s perfect for cars!

All of these spots are within about 10 minutes of each other, and would be very easy to rotate for weeks or months.

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