My Car Broke Down! – Living In Your Car – Van Life

If your car is your home, you’ve really put all your eggs in one basket.

So what happens when you break down??

Sadly, it’s exactly what you think happens. You lose it all! At least for a couple days.

So, your best bet is to keep your car in good repair, with regular maintenance, and be prepared for emergencies.

It’s a lot of care and attention to maintain a car, but at least you don’t have to mow the lawn!

Follow the links above for more info on each of the tips.

What happened/My Story – My car really did break down driving thru Cajon Pass in the Mojave Desert.

I had to baby it 35 miles with the flashers on.

Thank God it was a one day fix, and a local was able to do it. Total cost was only about 50 dollars. The spark plugs needed changed.

But I learned the hard way to stay on top of maintenance, and full realization hit. That car is worth the work!

And comment below – What do you do to keep your car in good repair?

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