DIY No-Sew Relaxing Compress – Living In Your Car, Van Life

Having a way to relax at the end of the day is huge!

But liquids aren’t always an option!

Here’s an easy, space saving way to relax each night.


  • Bandana of any color
  • One bag of white rice 16oz
  • Duct tape in any pattern
  • Essential oil such as lavender, relaxing blend, or eucalyptus if you’re sniffly


    1. Fold bandana in half
    2. Tape one long edge and one short edge
    3. Pour in the rice and the oil
    4. Stir it around a minute or two to coat the rice in the oil
    5. Tape third side

    Each day leave the compress either in your dash to soak up the heat of the sun, or near your heater to gather heat.

    Use it to relax at night.

    Replace/re-add oil every time it starts getting a little less smelly.

    To do so, simply slice open one end of the tape, replace, and retape.

    Experiment with different oil fragrances to see what’s most relaxing to you!

    Here are a couple blends that I love:

    Let There Be Peace And Quiet

    Sleep and Relaxation

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