Sleep! Relaxing Evening Routine – How To Live In Your Car

You just spent an hour looking for a spot to park safely.

Now you are worried if someone is going to come knocking on your window during the night, scaring you out of your sleep.

I completely get it. Car and Van Life can be stressful.

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That’s why an important evening routine is so important!

Here are a few tips to get you settled and ready for a restful night:

  • Park at least one hour before it’s time for sleep.
  • Before you park be sure you have a hot beverage, or your relaxing herbal compress.
  • Go thru a similar routine nightly – prepare the sleeping area, put up the curtains, etc. 
  • Get hygenic, and be sure you have adequate space and blankets for a great night.
  • Repeat to yourself – “The worst that can happen is I’ll be asked to move. No big deal.”  Really say it out loud, maybe even a couple times!
  • Watch a relaxing meditation video (You Tube Red,) write in a journal, or read a self help book. None of those things should be so gripping it keeps you up all night.

Photo credits @nesa123, @twinnytube

If you get asked to move, repeat this routine. Then give yourself extra time in the morning. You’re out here to love life!!!

What does your evening routine look like? #vanlife

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