What About Getting Sick – Living In Your Car

Ain’t nobody got time to be sick! 

Here are 10 tips to get you better quick while you deal with the elements.

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Top Ten Tips:

  1. Rest days – just because you live in your car doesn’t mean you can’t call in sick or block out the world and get better. Change spots from where you parked over night, find just the right temperature for your car, if possible roll down all the windows, and sleep/eat/veg all day. 
  2.  Take a shower every day. I know it’s not always easy, but it’s so necessary to get better.
  3. Skip the workout. Let your body heal and recover.
  4. Use essential oils to purify the air and help control symptoms. No nighttime cold medicine for car dwellers.
  5. Stay warm and dry. If it’s cold out use your car heater more often, and leave your windows cracked to let out condensation. 
  6. Please an onion cut in half on the dash to absorb bacteria in the air.
  7. Take lots of vitamin c and garlic pills to improve immune system and fight bacteria.
  8. Drink lots of water or warm tea.
  9. Treat yourself to the healthiest, freshest made soup you can find, one with lots of onions and warm broth would be perfect (chicken soup is famous for a reason!)
  10. Indulge in something you love, making your sick day into a special day.

Being extra careful to heal and recover from small sicknesses will prevent larger sicknesses from setting in.

Personal care is so important!

What tips do you have for staying/getting healthy while living in your car? Comment below!

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Here’s a great link to learn all about the oils!

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