Mail, Taxes, & Schools Oh My! – Living Nomad Style in Car Or Van

Living in your car makes you houseless, not homeless.

You can still have an address, and if you travel full time you get to choose where that is!

For my personal needs I chose WA to house my main address. 

Because of the homeschool laws, the tax laws for my mobile business, and the UPS store that’s near my friend who will check my mail it all worked out perfectly!

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So, where will you want your”home base” located?

Once you decide that the process is the same:

  1. Go to a UPS store and rent a mailbox. This will cost between $100 & $200 a year. It is a huge bonus over a PO Box because you can receive packages, it provides a real street address like an apartment (in case you need to register for anything in that state, like licenses) and they will box up your mail and ship it to you directly – anywhere you are!
  2. Register for any licenses you need using that address as your home. Business licenses, drivers license, schooling licenses, etc.
  3. Fill out a change of address for the Post Office, and change all your current accounts to the new address.

    You now have a home base. 

    Any money you make out on the road, any laws relating to business, will all be subject to that states rules, and tax laws.

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    How to receive your mail while traveling: (a few options)

    • Ask the local Post Office if they accept general delivery packages
    • Deliver to a nearby friend or family member
    • Rent another UPS box for just one month ($45ish)
    • Ask your campground office to accept it for you, if you are staying there

    Once you know where you’re sending it, contact the original UPS store, and ask them to ship it to you.

    There are a couple security questions to answer, and a small fee.

    Then you’re all set. Time to enjoy the life you created!

      Which home state did you choose, and why? Tell us below!

      There’s no place like home. That’s why I take mine with me!

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