Foods To Make In A Coffee Pot – Living In Your Car

Loving to live in your car can come down to basic creature comforts.

If you feel happy, snug, efficient, and taken care of, the experience will be positive.

Photo credit – Boston on Pinterest

That’s why warm healthy foods and hot tea can be such an important thing!

Plus, you’ll be so proud of yourself for your resourceful nature! Added benefit – almost everything here is super healthy!

Photo credit – Poor as Folk

The first thing you’ll need is a coffee pot that is specifically for your car.

I tried using a small one from Walmart and couldn’t get past the first drop. It blew the fuse every time, even with a strong inverter!

Get the coffee pot HERE

Meal ideas (remember to eat a large variety of foods for the best health):

  1. Instant oatmeal with dried fruit or coconut added
  2. Ramen noodles, adding your normal additives including vegetarian “meats” and cooled but frozen shrimp
  3. Mashed potatoes, they came in all sorts of flavors. You could add cheese or meats to these and eat like a king
  4. Condensed soup, from a can. Add the hot water and it’s instantly delicious, my fav is the bean! Be sure they’re condensed, or you’ll get watery broth (Campbells red labels are a safe bet if you don’t know)
  5. Hot dogs. Place the hot dogs in the pot and brew the water over the top of them
  6. Broccoli/cauliflower with cheese – cut veggies into bite size pieces and place in pot. Add water to cover them. Pour water only into back of machine and brew normally. When veggies are soft, drain water from pot. Add Campbells cheddar soup over the top
  7. Hot tea, hot cocoa, apple cider, and coffee are also things that can be made with hot water and enhance the feeling of hominess

Grab the number one rated pot here!

I’ll add more ideas as I try them, but until then…

What meal could you make in your coffee pot? Comment below!

*Food is the most primitive form of comfort.*

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