Decide Where You Will Sleep -Living in car or van

Safety and comfort are your two main concerns when deciding where to sleep.

This is not impossible to reach!

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There are at least a dozen places that are safe, discreet, and enjoyable to sleep overnight.

As long as you make sure your bed is comfortable and meets your needs you should have a great time.

Places to sleep:

  1. Walmart parking lots – (personal experience, not set in stone) even when it says no overnight parking, there will be 20-30 car dwellers. I am surrounded by five of them as I type. 
  2. Rest areas – these are handy because they are open all night. There is an 8 hour limit tho, and some are strict about that.
  3. Cabela’s –  it’s the same as Walmart, open to having overnight parking.
  4. 24 hour grocery stores – I have spent many nights in Safeway parking lots; because it’s so big and well lit I never had a problem.
  5. Scenic Vistas – these are a fun place to sleep, due to the beauty you wake up and drift off to. The only draw back is the isolation.
  6. Costco – never had a problem in one of their lots.
  7. Blm Land – these are listed under free camping for (your current area) online.
  8. Casinos – these are fun due to the large amount of late night activities, the security patrols, and the 24 hour bathroom. Plus they usually have great WiFi.
  9. Hotels – unless the cars are all displaying a parking tag, hotels are a great place to blend in. Plus you can often walk right in and get breakfast.
  10. Campgrounds – by the night or by the week, these can help provide security, showers, power, etc.
  11. Thousand Trails – this is a campground company that has locations all over the United States. I’ll do a separate article just for them.
  12. Hospitals – the parking lot here is always filled with overnight people. If questioned you could say you are waiting for a patient.

When/if police come knocking, be courteous. Usually they are just checking on your welfare. I just tell them I’m traveling and was too tired to continue driving.
If I’m breaking any rule, they just tell me. Most often they’ll just tell me to be safe and they’ll move on.

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What’s your top tip for a smooth night?

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