Power Up – Living in car or van

Nobody likes a dead cell phone.

But I also didn’t like searching for a power source that would be open when it was convenient for me!

I have tried sitting at fast food restaurants, libraries, coffee shops, grocery store eating areas, and even under park gazebos.

All of these work, but they all require an element of responsibility. You have to purchase something, or share outlets, or even just be social (I’m all for social, but sometimes you just need quiet.)

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Using a car inverter keeps my phone,  laptop, camera, and Bluetooth speaker all charged so they are ready to use when I pull over for the evening.

Here’s my favorite part, it just looks like a normal coffee cup when not in use:

Car cup inverter, 2 plug ins, 2 usb ports.

Because it looks like a normal coffee cup I feel comfortable leaving it in the car. It draws no suspicion.

This item also adds the convenience of not needing a generator. Your car can provide charging, heat, light, etc.

What is one thing you need power for? Comment below.

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