5 Steps To Living In Your Car

Living in your car can save money, allow you freedom you never dreamed possible, and teach you about what’s really important in life.
Plus it can be fun!!

There are 5 steps that’ll get you from home bound to mobile.

Each step is of huge importance, and so each has its own article.

Click the link to get details on them individually.

  1. Minimize & monetize
  2. Figure out where you will sleep
  3. Decide how you will eat
  4. Set up a way to shower / personal hygiene
  5. Nail down your power source

I have a board full of ideas addressing each of these things on Pinterest. Follow me!

Ready to change your life, jump in the car?

In my opinion (15 month car dweller) the top benefits include:

  • Financial freedom
  • Emotional freedom from “stuff”
  • Freedom from housework, dishes, cooking
  • Freedom from having to make everything perfect
  • Freedom to choose your own path to life

Here’s what a few other car dwellers have to say about their experience:

* Saves money and prepares me to launch my future.

* A survival experience, but so worth it.

* I love my freedom. There’s no other way I would choose to travel.

Check out the articles linked in steps one through five, and tell me in the comments…

Would living in your car be for you??

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**The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.**

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