How Will You Eat -Living in car or van

Living in your car may seem like a diet nightmare.

But in reality it’s an opportunity to eat healthier than ever before!

With the change in your situation and the fact that so many people just won’t understand it’s not the time to gain weight and let your self esteem slide, leaving you feeling vulnerable.

Remember that you are choosing to live in your car (whether for locational or financial freedom) and you are also choosing to care for your body.

You are proud of yourself for being in control of your life, and you’ll show it on all levels!

Not only will it be healthier to eat in your car, it’ll be faster with less clean up.

Here’s the daily ritual:

  1. Shop in the morning for the items you’ll need during the day
  2. This one isn’t relative to food, but directly after this I generally hit a gym for workout and shower!
  3. Store them in a !small! COOLER, (attach lighter plug one here)
  4. Eat them as you choose
  5. Shop small, leaving little to no leftovers

    Sample Recipes:

    Black Bean Tacos

    • 1 – 2 cans black beans
    • Small bag spinach
    • Small package tortillas
    • Small bag cheddar shredded cheese
    • A few taco/salsa packets from the deli
    • Large gallon bag


    • Put all ingredients except tortillas into gallon bag and mix
    • Dump into tortillas and eat

    *You could also tear up the tortillas into the bag and easy the whole mix with a fork you got at the deli.

    **This will probably last thru lunch and dinner, so a yogurt and granola (small amount from the bulk section) for breakfast and maybe a bag of smart for popcorn or bus for snacks would complete the day.

    What do others say about eating while living in your car??

    *It’s easy to find foods to eat in the car. Canned foods, fresh baked bread, rotisserie chicken, even mashed potatoes are easy! You’ll never go without. – Craig, 2 year car dweller.

    Check out the 5 minute microwave recipes here!

    Places that often have microwaves for customer use: Fred Meyer, convenience stores, gyms.

    Do you have a favorite no cook recipe? Share it in the comments!!

    Living in your car can actually make you healthier!

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