Where To Shower – Personal hygiene while living in car or van

Living in your car doesn’t mean you get to be a bum.

Showers still required.

Finding places to shower, do your hair/makeup, brush your teeth, etc are pretty easy.

Every gym has one, as well as truck stops, colleges, campgrounds, local pools and community centers, and as a last resort a local motel.

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Looking your best while living in your car is so important, not only for your own self esteem but to temper reactions people have to your choices.

  • Police will be more likely to support you if you are stealth camping, 
  • store owners will smile and nod as you use the restroom, 
  • and residents of the town will not be as likely to throw a fit about your presence.

So, there are 2 types of car dwellers. Ones who stay in one area, and ones who travel.

Stayers- joining a local gym is probably going to be your best bet, it’ll be the cheapest option with the most benefit. Take full advantage of it!

You could hang out there morning or evening, charge up anything you don’t have power for, sit in spa luxury, get a workout in, and make tons of friends!

Travelers – finding showers will take a daily search. Having a gym membership probably wouldn’t help much, but you’ll often get in free to new clubs.

Here are gyms with locations all over the United States, but not necessarily in your area. Also, they all come with their own rules.

  • Planet Fitness, 
  • Anytime fitness,
  •  24 hour fitness,
  •  YMCA,
  •  small local clubs, maybe free for first time

* Truck stop showers cost money as well, but since you have little to no bills it’s well worth it. You can find the nearest one in an online search.

* Colleges have showers in their athletic departments, and it’s often easy to slip on and off the grounds

* Campgrounds have showers, so if you are paying to park there, they’ll be open to you. You could also just drive in to several of them and park by the bathrooms. May need quarters, depending on the campground.

* Local pools and community centers have great admission prices, showers, and other things to explore

What are other car dwellers saying?

* Hospitals are great to shower in as well. – Jeremy

* Dry shampoo works great! – Rasa

* Bucket baths work great. – bucket bather

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What other ideas do you have for places to shower and stay healthy? 

Tell us in the comments below!

“I‘m gonna go take a hot shower. It’s like a normal shower but with me in it.”

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