Best Hack For Minimizing Toys – Full Time Traveling Toddler

The number one hack for Minimizing Toys is letting go. 

Let go of emotional attachment, the what ifs, and the guilt.

Just because Grandma bought that toy as a birthday gift, or you picked up that stuffed animal in vacation doesn’t mean it should sit around forever. 

It’s easy to snap a picture as a memory, and  pop it right into Instagram as a digital scrapbook of memories for your child. Emotional attachment honored, toy… gone.

What if the child will play with it in a few months? What if this is just the toy they need to learn that certain skill? 

Those what ifs will keep mounting if you don’t shut them down. 

So you’ve honored memories, beat the what ifs, now we conquer the biggest block to organization…


It’s ok to get things you don’t need out of your house. The kids will not be to sad, they will literally enjoy a stack of rocks and a roll of tape more than 90% if their toys!

Even if you spent a ton of money on them, keeping them will not unspend that money. Plus it adds to your stress!

Ditch the guilt, allow yourself to have space to be happy.

We store any toys that we do keep in Ziploc bags, making things organized and the environment peaceful.

Check out The Joy of Less for further help!

Our toddler has one tub that holds all her toys, clothes, and shoes. Her favorite things to do are use my cooking pot to “cook” rocks, and play her ball.

This guide came from Pinterest, here’s the link to the full article!

What do you think is the biggest hack for Minimizing Toys? 

Comment below!

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