9+1 Ways To Have Fun On A Rocky Beach -Toddler Travel

Rivers are common on hikes.

And hikes are always on our list!

So what do we do with a toddler near a dangerous body of water that she can’t go into?

Have a blast of course!

Here are a few of the ways we enjoy rocky beaches without diving in:

  1. Throw rocks into the river
  2. Setting up house – the rocks outline the rooms, and can even be people if your house isn’t big enough for you to be the “people”
  3. Making pictures with different color rocks Mosaic style
  4. Collect the rocks for jewelry
  5. Dig thru the rocks to find pooled water and see if you can fill up a hole with water about the size of a bathroom sink – then use it to wash rocks
  6. Draw with rocks – darker rocks leave markings on lighter rocks
  7. Set up a balance course, stepping on rocks and not falling off
  8. Build a fire pit, most rivers have enough kindling nearby to get a tiny flame going
  9. Break rocks, using bigger ones to smash smaller ones (the smashed ones make great drawing rocks)
  10. Build rock towers

That’s a lot of fun!

Do you have other ways to have fun on rocky beaches?

Comment below!

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