Oregon Zoo – Full Time RV Travel

Sometimes you never know what will happen.

That was the case when Richard Knight let sailors drop off animals they collected on their voyages at his little pharmacy. (1882)

Someone dropped off a bear!

Richard tried to sell the bear, even to the city.  Instead they gave him a cage and said good luck.

What a job! Just feed alone was a lot for the family, and Richard eventually returned the gift to the city…with the bear in it!

That was the beginning of the Oregon Zoo.

It’s grown from one little bear to a world class center for preservation and research, with over 1.6 million visitors per year and 1500 volunteers.

This zoo has some great features!  There’s the Zoo Liner, a train that takes you all over the park, great for people that can’t walk well or don’t have a lot of time. (extra fee)

There’s also a carousel right in the middle of the zoo, which enhances the festive atmosphere. (extra fee)

Elephants are one of the top draws to this zoo, and they hold shows that feature them playing in the water, eating, enjoying life (no circus kind of stuff, just opportunities to play.)  There are 3 elephants of two different breeds.

The sea lions and the condors are exciting to see as well.

The zoo hosts shows for all different animals at different times so you can make it to each one, guaranteeing that you’ll see animals up close and personal no matter how long you stay or what time you arrive.

Mongoose viewing area (shown below) is a crawl through little cave that pops up into a bubble small children can stand in.  The animals swarm over and around the bubble and it’s almost like you are actually in the cage with them – without danger to human of animal.

Phoenix’s was never in the stroller, not even once.  She loved wandering the exhibits, getting up close with the animals, and placing her hands on the cool glass.  All the animals were out and playing, and to this little two year old all of them were “doggies.”

We were pulled from enclosure to enclosure to go see more doggies.

When we reached the underwater seal exhibit she wanted to move in.

Her current favorite movie is Finding Dory, and she thought she had walked right into the best scene.

Family Stars: 5 stars
(1 star you’ll not want to go, 6 Stars needs to be on top 10 list)

Money rating: $ – $$$ ($5 First Tuesday of Month or everyday if you have any low income cards)

Has your family been to the Oregon Zoo?  Comment below and tell us about your experience.

Find more photos of Phoenix and her travels @:


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