Sorry Honey, I Got Sidetracked – Elbe Train Restaurant

“Sorry honey, I got SIDETRACKED.”  That’s the catch phrase for the special attraction in Elbe WA… a train car lounge!

The Mt Rainier Train Car restaurant has been around since 1987.

Before 1987, it began as a little popcorn stand right there in Elbe!

It has grown to include a dinner train, a “Hobo Inn”, and the lounge.

Three train cars were purchased in 1987 from the famous American Freedom Train, which toured the country as a moving history museum.

Top 3 dishes:

  1. Elk Chili Bowl – This is a sourdough bread dish, with a not to spicy chili, with whole pieces of elk cut into it.  Full of beans and veggies, this is a rounded meal with no room for dessert!
  2. Chicken Fried Steak: This meal comes on a plate that will truly slate the American palette!  Slightly rubber, and a little cold, but the sheer amount of food was enough to shock the senses into forgetting.
  3. Elk Burger: This is probably the best dish in the whole place. It’s what all the locals come back for time and again.  But, it rings in at $17, and it’s one of the cheaper items on the menu.

If you had room for dessert, there are many choices!

Phoenix liked the atmosphere at first, but the confined space wore on her.  It was very difficult not to attract attention, as the tables are very close together.  The service is fairly slow, and the only toys around were crayons.  There are train lollipops available at the front, for $1.99 if you find yourself desperate for distraction.

As for us adults, we were sticker shocked.  I went in with the idea (after reading 150 bad reviews out of 152 about this place) that I would do it on a dime, order a couple appetizers and a dessert, just enough to enjoy the atmosphere without breaking the bank.  But there is nothing under $9 on the menu, including kids meals, a side of fries, and desserts.  So that plan was out the window and we just went with it!

Comment below if you’ve ever been here or to one like it!  What was your experience?

Family Star rating – 2 stars

$$ Rating – $$$$

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