Ocean Shores As A Family Destination -Full Time Traveling RV Family

Ocean Shores got started as a town known as “New Hollywood”.

The hotel that was opened right on the shore drew 17,000 visitors in one night!

But since the economy drop in the 90’s, it’s been struggling.

It just recently started picking up speed again, drawing in permanent residents and constructing new buildings.

It’s well known in Washington state as a vacation spot.

So we had to check it out!

Top 3 attractions in Ocean Shores:

  1. The Candy Shop
  2. The Kite Store
  3. The beach!

    Our family went to Ocean Shores once during the week when the town was pretty dead, and once again during a huge festival over labor day weekend.
    Neither day was very fun, because we chose not to break our budget with expensive scooter rentals and go carts, and even more expensive restaurants.

    Besides these expensive attractions there isn’t much to do or see.

    As a family destination be sure you have a large budget, or are planning on spending a lot of time on the beach!


    Family Stars: 2 
    (1 star you’ll not want to go, 6 Stars needs to be on top 10 list)

    Money rating: $$$$

    Check out: Ocean Shores Vacation for under $100 Week!

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