400 Candy Varieties in One Store – Ocean Shores Review

Buddy & Howie’s Candy store is a family favorite.

Not just our family! Almost every review I read about this place says how much families enjoyed it.

The things I read most were: quintessential, blast from the past, stepping back in time, nostalgic.

That creates a feeling before you even get there!

3 cool features of this store are:

  1. The visual picture of being in an old fashioned shop.
  2. The salt water Taffy – every kind you can think of!
  3. The friendly staff.

Sugar free options, chocolate covered Oreos (Rice Krispies, and Twinkies too,) and that you can purchase just a piece or a whole pound round it the experience.
Our family experience in this shop was extremely pleasant! We had set a budget of $15, and everyone was satisfied. 

The Taffy was amazing!

Everyone got a different kind, and discussion ensued over which was best.

Family Stars: 4
(1 star you’ll not want to go, 6 Stars needs to be on top 10 list)

Money rating: $$

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