Camp Ocean Shores -Under $100 a Week – Full Time Traveling Family

Based on family of four with RV.

Visiting Ocean Shores can be very expensive! But it doesn’t have to be!

Decide before you go that you’re going to soak up the sun, check out a sweet little town, and enjoy just a couple of the local specialties.
You can boondock at  Quinalt RV Parking (3 miles from Ocean Shores, walking distance) $55 – 7 days, no reservation required.

There is no power or water, but the spaces provide views of the ocean, the hotel allows you to use all it’s facilities, the casino gives you free soda and coffee, … And it’s $5 bucks a night!

While you’re there, the main attraction will be the beach.

Here are ten family activities to do at the beach for free.

Ocean Shores is within walking distance on the beach. It’s easiest to accomplish during low tide. It’s a beautiful walk, highly recommended.

To check tide schedules just look them up online for the day you want to go. Walking during high tide will only mean more soft sand (not hard packed like during low tide) and more muscles for you!

Once you reach Ocean Shores:

Be sure to visit the candy shop! Set a spending limit before you go in -$15 in this case. Everyone can get just a little something, there’s over 400 kinds to choose from.

Kite stores are quite popular in Ocean Shores because of the crazy amount of wind on the beach. 
Pickup 4 Pocket Kites from famous kite shop -$30. You’ll be able to fly them forever, and they will be easy to store until you use them again.

Peruse the rest of the town but beware: it’s designed to make you want to spend money!

There are scooter rentals, game parlors, all you can eat restaurants, and more.
If you focus instead on fun at the beach and splurging just a little on candy and kites you’ll feel pampered and still have your wallet!


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