10 Camping Games to Play -Full time Traveling RV Family

Keeping the kids entertained while in a campground can take some creativity. 

Here are 10 ideas our family loves.

Comment below if you want to add any ideas!

Games good for children 2 to 200

  1. Flashlight Tag – wait until it’s dark outside, then play a normal game of tag-with a twist. Instead of touching someone to make them “it”, shine the flashlight on them. Playing this in an open field is fun, but for added challenge try a playground carefully.
  2. Alphabet Hike – pass Stone in your hike by identifying things that start with a letter in alphabetical order. First person starts with A, and maybe sees an American flag. Next person will get B, and so on. It could be a family challenge to see how many times you can go thru the alphabet in one hike!
  3. Follow The Leader- have two members of the family go off in a secret direction. They will leave trail markers of some kind, and in 15 minutes the rest of the family will try to follow.
  4. Obstacle Course- campgrounds are easy places to set up obstacle courses because they already have picnic tables and fire pits, etc. Race against each other or the clock.
  5. Hide and seek- the woods is an amazing place for hide and seek!
  6. Balloon Ping pong- use paper plates and a balloon on the picnic table, make it a tournament!
  7. Glow Stick Ring Toss- grab some necklace glow sticks and use water bottles filled with rocks as the targets. 
  8. Nature Scavenger Hunt- match nature to splotches of color on a piece of paper. Those splotches you just color on with a marker set. It can be quite challenging to find everything. Have a prize for the winner.
  9. Paper Plate Bean Bag Toss – it may seem like a kid game, but it actually claims everyone’s attention. Set up paper plates in a line with a point value attached to each one.
  10. Marshmallow Tag- exactly like normal tag except you use a marshmallow shooter and when you hit that person they are it.

    Hope you have a blast trying these out!

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