Lines, Tigers, and Bears!! – Minimalist Traveling RV Family Living To The Fullest

Headed to the Southwest Washington fair!

So far today I have worked, dropped off a child at sleep away camp, and now I’m headed back to hit the fair!

I’ll let you know how it is!


Top 3 Highlights – 

  1. Tigers, Ocelots, and more! There was a rescue center that bright in their large cat collection. I have never seen a tiger so close, and the smaller cats were actually walked in leashes. So cool!
  2. There was a toddler play area right in the center of the grandstands. It was set up by the local farm bureau, so it contained a kiddie pool filled with corn to dig in, healthy felt food to cook with, and a planting station where the kids could dig in real dirt and plant a seed. There was also tons of great information and recipes.
  3. The bear show! There was a bear at the fair! I haven’t ever been this close to a bear before either. Sandy the bear charmed people with her tricks and then posed for pics with her fans.

As well as the normal “fair stuff” they also had paintball, rock climbing, a mechanical bull, and a taxidermy building that made you feel like you were in an exotic island!

Such a great visit, you should check it out.

    Top 3 Ways To Save – 

    1. Bring your own food. Average price of a meal is $$$$$$
    2. Buy your tickets ahead of time – you will save about $3 per person.
    3. Bring a set amount of cash and leave your cards at home!

    Living to the fullest is possible. Take full advantage of each day!


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