Travel With Toddlers – Minimalist Family of 5, RV Living, Full Time Travel 

Some days we spend a lot of time in the car. 

And what do babies do in the car? They scream to get out! 

So, we brainstormed ways to make our toddlers journey more entertaining. We also wanted the time to be educational.

We thought about flash cardsDVD player with educational DVDs, a travel tray with coloring supplies, etc. 

These might be great for some kids, and may be great when she’s a little older. But all we could see right now is her throwing pretty much everything everywhere (and hear the other kids whining about it! 

After much thought we realized one thing she always wants! Our cell phones. 

She doesn’t get them often because she rearranges everything. 

Now she has her own. It has no SIM card, no data, and only connects to WiFi when we turn it on. 

We loaded educational You Tube videos (you tube red works without a connection!), preschool apps, drawing apps, and a couple games. 

She loves it! And it’s one small little toy that does a lot of jobs, prefect for our minimalist style. 

You can get one for your little angel by clicking here. 

What is your child’s favorite car toy? 

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