More Lessons in Minimalism

Today I’m sitting in a tent – with only bedding, 2 sets of clothes, a stroller, 2 business books, and my laptop. 

We left the rv behind for a week, and set out on a 6 hour trip east. 

We’re only driving the small car to conserve gas, so we packed LIGHT. 

It’s been a fabulous lesson, noticing the little things we miss. 

Privacy is one of them. I enjoy 4 walls where I can stand up, and room to let our kitten run (our rv is tiny, but not as tiny as a tent!)

I enjoy making food, instead of eating salad and pb&j purchased on the road. 

We haven’t missed any of the “things” we left behind so far except a needle and thread. 

What an interesting process of self discovery we go through as we stretch ourselves and try new things! 

Stay tuned for more posts about our adventures on our vacation from vacation! 

Until then, tell me one thing you would miss most if you didn’t have it right now. 

Comment below! 

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