Annies Pizza Review – Minimalist Family of 5, RV Living, Full Time Travel 

Annies Pizza is a small little pizza parlor off Hwy 20 in Concrete Wa.

The service is friendly and attentive, the pizza chefs are also your waitresses. 

That alone is a good reason to visit, but when you see their menu you will want to become a regular! It’s the only way you’re going to be able to taste all the amazing combos you’ll find on their menu. 

Shrimp, Teriyaki, Mexican, Vegetarian, so so many options! 

We chose the Trucker Special, an all meat pie, as well as a Teriyaki Pizza with extra veggies. 

While we were waiting for food we enjoyed the Power Wheels toys they keep there for toddlers, and free WiFi. 

The crust is crispy and not to thick, toppings are generous, and so fresh.

The best part in my opinion was that all pizzas there are wood fired! My favorite! 

Sounds like you would pay a lot to enjoy this fun little pizzeria, but pizzas weigh in at only $8.95 for a 10″. Plenty of pizza for sharing! 

Annies Pizza gets Life Outside The Box’ 4 star rating! 

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