7 Things You Should Know About Flipping RV’s

As a full time traveling family, flipping rv’s is one source of our monthly income. 

It’s a grand adventure every time, but some things that are the same – every time. 

Here’s a few things we’ve learned:

It’s easier to flip trailers than motor homes on the go – trailers don’t have engines, and therfore are less of a risk. They can’t break down! 

The roof does leak – if it doesn’t now, it will! Reseal it upon purchase, and every year after. (Average cost: $85)

Know your tires – trailers often come with tires that are not high quality. Check the tread and the air pressure. Be sure you have a spare and know how to change it in less than prefect conditions. 

Yes, you need floor – it’s very worth it to lay down a new floor if there are any soft spots. It can be done in a day, and will save you tons of headaches in the future. 

Bonus Tip: skip the carpet and go for hardwood or laminate. Everything gets wet, and nature comes indoors. Sweeping is easy, vacuuming not so much. 

Supplies can be found in inexpensive ways – when sealing the roof, we started the search online for supplies. We found rv roof resealer for $85 gallon. When shopping at Lowes, we found 5 gallons for $85!

When shopping for flooring, Lowes was $1.69 Sq ft, where as Amazon had it for .35 cents sq ft! 

Be patient – things will go wrong. When they do you will need to step back and regroup. Don’t get discouraged! A little thinking and creativity and you’ll get it! 

You Tube is your best resource – when we need to learn something, there are always at least 5 videos on how to do it! 

As a job, on a scale of 1-10, flipping rv’s gets a 20! 

Our start up cost was $2000. Ever since we’ve reinvested the same $2000. Different (or multiple) projects each time, but same original investment.

What out of the box ideas can you offer people who want to start another stream of income? 

Comment below! 

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