The Best Air Mattress I’ve Ever Had! 

I’ve slept on a lot of air mattresses over the years. 

They constantly deflate, one person ends up on the ground, it’s just a mess! 

Until now. 

As we flip rv’s and need to use tents for a couple days I wanted the best – at a low price. 

Amazon delivered – literally and figuratively! 

This full mattress sleeps three members of our family, in the truck tent (actual tent in the back of the truck, but that’s for a later post.) We have also used it as a mattress in the rv several times, and in a 6 person size tent. 

It’s thick, has a ton of different air pockets to distribute air evenly, and inflates and deflates with electricity in about 2 minutes. We only have to add air about every 4 days, depending on the outdoor temp. 

Now, this post is about more than just a commercial. Let me tell you why I’m so attached to it! 

When we started our journey we carried our queen mattress with us every where. We used it in a tent thru the winter, it got wet and gross and still we clung to it. 

We didn’t want to be on some cheap mattress that would ruin our experience, making the adjustment harder. 

So we lugged that thing in and out of the rv every 4 days, sopping wet and getting dirtier by the day. 

Lifting it during the day and drying it with space heaters…

Had I known that an air mattress like the one I own now existed, and was under $50, life could’ve been a lot different! 

So, to all who read this – this mattress rocks, and has made my life way easier! 

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