5 Ways To Entertain Your Toddler With A Box Of Cereal – Preschool Activities

Living in an RV requires me to watch my toddler pretty much full time.

There’s no fenced yard or safe place to run. 

So simple, fun activities are a life saver to me! 

Hopefully they will help you too! 

Crush it on a plate: Pour the cereal out on a plate, and use anything you have lying around for the child to crush it. I used a tire guage. So you can literally use anything. 

This activity lasted my 19 month old 15 minutes. That’s 15 minutes of learning, exploration, and fun. It’s also 15 minutes of blog time for me with no guilt! 

Pour it out in a line and let them crush it as they walk: you can pour it in a circle, in a triangle, in an s shape, your choice. The kids will love crushing it under their feet, and gain large motor skills as they do.

Cut door in cereal box: this is a fun way to let them practice cause and effect. It lasted her 15 minutes as well! 

You cut the door, they drop things in the top and grab them out thru the door. Over and over again. 

Cereal stacking: poke 6 holes in a paper plate. Use three pipe cleaners to create the cereal stands. Tape them firmly in place on the bottom of the plate. 

Children then stack the cereal on the stands, and often take them off and rearrange! 

Sensory bin/Pour Station: a simple bucket or bin filled 1/2 way with cereal, plastic cup, and plastic spoon become 15-20 minutes of learning!

Place the items in front of the child and let them take the lead. 

I filmed my daughter actually doing these projects. You can watch them here

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