Minimalism Rocks! 

Recently we began traveling in an RV full time. 

We left behind everything that fills a huge urban apartment with 4 teens and an infant…a huge truckload! 

We carry with us two suitcases for each person. One is for clothes and personal care, the other for entertainment. 

Our kitchen consists of a stock pot, a sauce pan, a skillet, a glass top cook stove, two cookie sheets, a toaster, and some cooking utensils.

Because we travel in a luxury campground we choose to use their bathrooms. I never have to clean a bathroom again! 

Chores are evenly split. One does dishes, another garbage, etc. Even the baby is supposed to clean up her toys (…work in progress.) We spend less than 15 minutes a day doing chores as a family.

And so I’ll restate the title of this post: Minimalism Rocks! 

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  1. Oh yes!! That sounds so exciting and freeing! Less mess, less worry, less stress!

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